Winners of the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Awards

* Main Award (since 2003)
● Incentive Award (since 2003)
■ Special Award


Juan Carlos Builes Rodríguez: Revascularization and Repair of Penile Mucosa with Vascular and Tissue Compromise of Canine Penis.*

Andrea Valero Carvajal: Acne Management With Bioregulatory Medicine: A Clinical Approach From Detoxification And Drainage.●


Tamar Mosulishvili and Nataliia Sydorova: Case-report of effective treatment of acute unilateral undifferentiated tinnitus with a bioregulatory medicine preparation.*

Nora Álvarez Upegui: Therapeutic Success of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine in Varicose Ulcer. Multiple conventional treatments without clinical improvement.●


Dr. Tina Decorte: Case report of a traumatic rupture of the adductor muscle in a marathon runner: alternative treatment options with bioregulatory therapy.*

Dr. Liliana Consuegra Bazzani: Tissue repair in facial post-traumatic injury in a patient with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa under the bioregulatory systems medicine approach – clinical case.●


Dr. Sergio Andrés Laasch Arbeláez: Spinal cord injury by a sharp bladed weapon: Clinical recovery, with Bioregulatory Medicine, of a patient with areflexic paraplegia and loss of sphincter control.*

Dr. Hernán Villalón: Case Report: Successful treatment of Multisystemic MALT involvement in non-infectious inflammatory disease in children.●


Dr. Hugo José Zuleta Angulo: Bioregulatory Medicine through the Biopuncture: an excellent alternative for improving the functionality and life quality in patients with severe mixed chronic pain secondary to Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and with adverse effects to the chronic use of conventional medicines.*


Dr. Juozas Zilinskas, Lithuania: The oxidative function of neutrophils and the reduction properties of blood in patients with periodontitis.*

Dr. Alexander Glotov, Prof. Tatyana I. Glotova, Dr. Alexey Nefedchenco, Russia: The antiviral action of Engystol, Euphorbium Compositum S, Echinacea Compositum SN in vitro and in vivo in a veterinary setting.●


Dr. Hernán Silván García, Spain: Use of a bioregulatory medication for inflammation to treat piriformis syndrome in long distance runners.*

Dr. Oxana Yu. Kirgizova, Russia: Effectiveness of antihomotoxic medications injected into acupuncturepoints in patients with hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis dysfunction.●


Laura Ots Navarro, Spain: The efficacy of Traumeel® and Lymphomyosot® in the treatment of the acute ankle sprain.●


Marco Fidel Ramírez Cabrera, Gilma Ester Garrido de Ramírez, Santiago Herrán, Natalia Roa, Colombia: The effectiveness and safety of Traumeel S in the epithelialization of the cornea in patients who underwent refractive surgery for myopia.*

Gastón Orellana Alvarellos, Paola Ruiz de Viñaspre Alvear, Chile: Clinical evaluation of biopuncture in the treatment of pain syndrome in patients treated for breast cancer.●


Sergey Rykov, Natalia Starynets, Denys Varyvonchyk, Ukraine: Efficacy of Oculoheel in patients with HIV-infection/AIDS who are on antiretroviral therapy – a clinical controlled study.*

Edgar Estrada Serrato, Colombia: Evaluation of the usefulness ofthe homeopathic treatment in patients with arthrosis of the knee.●


Sonia Patricia Gaitán Juárez de Cuyún, Guatemala: Comparative study of Echinacea compositum in newborns at minimum to moderate risk for sepsis.*

Isabel Forner Cordero, Raquel Navarro Monsoliu, José Muñoz Langa, Spain: Lymphomyosot in the maintenance treatment of post-mastectomy lymphedema.●


Natalya Petrovna Tolokonskaya, Dmitriy Alexeyevich Chabanov, Russia: Reactivity of an organism and efficacy of antihomotoxic therapy in chronic opisthorchiasis.*

Andrey Babko, Sergey Gerasymenko, Tamara Perfilova, Ukraine: Effect of Traumeel S on collagen metabolism in patients suffering from early stages of rheumatoid arthritis.●

Achilleas Pistofidis, Iohannis Toliopoulos, Greece: Stimulation of NK cells against cancer cells by administration of Coenzyme compositum, Glyoxal compositum, biocatalysts and Traumeel S.●


Heinrich Enbergs, Germany: Effects of the homeopathic preparation Engystol on Interferon-gamma production by human T-lymphocytes.*

Fani Martinova, Bulgaria: Immunoprophylaxis of influenza and other viral infections of the respiratory tract with Engystol tablets.●

Antonello Arrighi, Italy: Seasonal allergic rhinitis: homotoxicology vs allopathy to prevention and therapy.■


Besik Kukurievich Shamugiya, Ukraine: The prospects of application of antihomotoxic medications in the treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis.*


Olga Yuryevna Maiko, Russia: Efficacy of Zeel in clinical treatment of gonarthrosis.

Ignacio Ordiz, Jorge Egocheaga, Miguel del Valle, Spain: Anti-homotoxic mesotherapy of soft-tissue sports injuries.


Bernadette Glatthaar-Saalmüller, Germany: Antiviral effect of Euphorbium compositum Nasal Spray in vitro.


Angelika-Regine Dietz, Germany: Prospective study of lymphatic therapy (as a matrix therapy) in diabetic polyneuropathy in Type II diabetes.


Josette Osario Díaz, Fernando Fajardo Marino, Colombia: Proof that Traumeel prevents adverse effects of root canal treatment.


Heinrich Enbergs, Germany: Proof of the immunostimulant effects of suis organ preparations and Traumeel on phagocyte and lymphocyte activity.

Emilia Torbicka, Aleksandra Brzozowska-Binda, Jan Wilczynski, Aldona Uzarowicz, Poland: Treatment of children with respiratory syncytial virus with the homeopathic antihomotoxic medication Engystol.

Menachem Oberbaum, Israel: Efficacy of Traumeel ampoule solution in chemotherapy-induced stomatitis in children.


Karl-Heinz Ricken, Germany: Antihomotoxic treatment of functional dyspepsia and Helicobacter pylori gastritis.

Alessandro Orlandini, Mauro Rossi, Massimo Setti, Italy: Efficacy of Zeel and new research methods in rheumatology.


Ryszard Matusiewicz, Poland: Efficacy of Engystol N in bronchial asthma cases under corticosteroid-dependent therapy.

Ryszard Matusiewicz, Poland: The use of Traumeel S in corticosteroid-dependent bronchial asthma.